Keeping on.

It seems like every day, when I can stop my world and life for spinning for even 30 seconds, all I can think is “this turned out to be a crazy year.”

As most of you know, Kid 4 is on HIS way. At least, I hope a he comes out of this, as we’ve been told, otherwise there’s going to be one disappointed big brother in this house. He’s already planning out all the lego projects the two of them are going to do together, as much as I remind him daily that if Frances can’t play with legos then his baby brother most definitely will not be able to play with them for awhile. This pregnancy has been more exhausting than the previously 3, which, I know, 4 pregnancies in 6 years probably does that to a body. We’re excited to even things out around here.

My Dad came to visit Delhi in March and we had a grand ol’ time – we celebrated Holi with him, saw the Taj, and went to Jaipur where we toured the old city and participated in “Elefantastic,” where we were able to spend half a day as mahouts. We fed, rode, painted, and at the end of the day, bathed the elephants by going into a giant pool with them and scrubbing them down and then using them as diving boards. Pictures are worth a thousand words.






Mere days after he left our housekeeper came and told us that she was putting in her two weeks notice, she had gotten a permanent position at another embassy. Obviously I was happy for her, but, ugh, the timing. Her last day was going to be 6 weeks before we left for the states for 2 months which meant that it made no real sense to hire someone new and then give that person a month of paid vacay so I made do for 6 weeks. Although I guess I should say 8 weeks since after giving her notice our housekeeper’s work ethic disappeared and she started leaving early and roaches appeared in our kitchen for the first time. It was a pretty frustrating couple of weeks adding in the fact that I was exhausted and pregnant and got mildly sick for the first time in my pregnant history – I know, it’s not fair, don’t hate me. The next 6 weeks were tough – Delhi is hard to navigate with 2 toddlers in tow when it takes a trip to at least 4 different stores to get your groceries for the week and only one of those shops offers a shopping cart.

At the beginning of June we left for two dreamy months in the states – 2 weeks in Utah, 4 weeks in California, and 2 weeks back in Utah. We stepped off the plane and the kids just stared and stared at the ground all around them. When we asked them what they were looking at they said they were just amazed at how clean it was – “there’s no poop anywhere!” In fact the whole time we were there that was what they commented on the most. More on the specifics of that trip later.

And now we’ve been back for a little over a week and yet it’s hard to feel settled. While our original plan was to have the baby here in Delhi, Justin and I just had this weird feeling in our gut about it, maybe because of the all the complications that arose after Frances was born, so we changed our plan and in less than 8 weeks I’ll be headed back to the states with 3 kids in tow. The tickets are booked, the hotel is next. Add to all of this that we’re in the middle of bidding season and the thoughts of where we’re going to be in one year are swirling around in the rest of the gray matter that isn’t already occupied. Not to mention our demanding church service. Phew. My poor brain is already at capacity with making a baby and yet there’s so many things to plan/prepare/stress about. I know it’ll all work out in the end, but, man I kind of wish I could fast forward to the end right now.

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  • Hang in there! If anyone can do this, it’s you and justin! You guys continually amaze and impress me with all you do for your family, church and work… And your picutres make India look so fun 🙂


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