Catch up, catsup.

I’m going to level with you – the past month has not been the best for our post morale. We have a strict positivity policy in our family, because, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world you can find things to hate about it and if you focus on that you’re going to be miserable. So, if I can’t say something nice at any given time, it’s pretty likely that I won’t be writing anything either.

The month has been plagued with the challenges that have plagued us all winter long – health and weather and how the two intertwine so terribly. I never imagined when I first got here during the summer that I would find myself looking forward to the future heat, but then again, I didn’t imagine the thick, brown and gray air that we would be breathing this winter. Then, on top of those challenges, we’ve had additional, unexpected challenges this month. I won’t go into specifics because the news media, especially the Indian news media, has covered them ad nauseum, please feel free to google it. So many late nights for the husband.

The weather kept us mostly indoors for the holidays and that was fine by us. With Justin having to work so many late nights before his holiday (and every night since he’s been back, boo!) it was nice to just luxuriate in our oasis. We did go out for a movie date one afternoon to see “The Hobbit” and had a great time. There are some things that Indians just do better and the movie going experience is definitely one of those things. First of all, we have a babysitter on call, which is the first and most huge obstacle for any movie going experience. Secondly, for a premium theater with preselected seats it costs less than $5 a ticket here. Thirdly, the concessions are so cheap and varied. Fourth, there’s an intermission in every movie, which is so awesome to go to the bathroom, stretch your legs, chat with your neighbor about the movie, etc. Fifth, during the intermission an usher will come by and take your concessions order and then deliver it to you free of charge. And the seats fully recline. It’s so great that we’ve become regular movie goers for the first time in our marriage. The only real problem is that there’s usually only one English language movie playing at a time, although with the high turnover rate, there’s usually another new one next week.

We had cause to celebrate this month, and not just because of Christmas and the new year. Justin got his tenure and is now no longer an entry level officer. This is exciting not only because it means the department saw something in him good enough to keep around for the long haul, it also, hopefully, opens up more job possibilities as we think ahead to the upcoming bidding season. Two year assignments fly by and 2014 is a bidding year for us. It’s weird to think that it was almost two years ago that we found out we were going to New Delhi and in a few short months we are going to be doing it all over again.

School starts back up again on Monday and with that the winter holiday is officially over. With the renewed routine I’m hoping to push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to exploring this city and taking more pictures. At the very least I have my dad’s visit coming up in less than two months to help me do exactly that. I’m looking forward to it.

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