Happy trails, 2013.

In thinking back on 2013, I have to constantly remind myself that all of these things happened in just 12 little months, not in the say, 5 years, that it feels like. Really? 12 months ago we were living in Mexico? Because it feels like a million months ago. 2013 was a crazy year, the kind of year that you just can’t do every year unless you wanted to find yourself in an early grave and I don’t say that to mean it was BAD, it was just…action-packed.

-Lauren moved in with us right after the New Year and stayed with us for 4 months and it was awesome. She dealt with little kids up in her grill and a constantly CONSTANTLY screaming monster-baby in extremely close quarters with a great sense of humor and was so helpful. We’d invite her to stay with us again in a heartbeat.

-We had two international moves this year, from Mexico to…all over America and then from the U.S. to India. We still miss Mexico on a regular basis. We can’t say “carne asada taco” around the house without being moved to tears. We miss our proximity to family and being in their time zone. We miss Walmart. We miss going for drives.

-We took two cross-country road-trips this year, from California to DC and then back again a couple months later. We said goodbye to our beloved Mo’Vo. That rusty old jalopy proved its worth.

-Frances unleashed the full force of her personality this year, and whoa, we were not prepared for so much ferocity. Did I mention the constant screaming? Oh, I did? What about the never sleeping? Yeah, that was rough. But, we’re making progress! She only wants to be held for 80% of her waking hours instead of 100% and she sleeps through the night and will sometimes take naps, although nap time is usually just babble in my crib time! What can I say, she’s the cuddliest, most suffocatingly loving human I know. She’s wonderful.

-Justin got SCUBA certified and I went diving again for the first time in 13 years. Epic trip.

-Elliott started kindergarten!

-India has regularly tried to kill us in various ways. The health issues we’ve encountered this past year have been surprising to say the least. But whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? I don’t know if that phrase applies to lung damage…

-Eleanor stayed Eleanor, thank goodness, because she’s the best.

I’m sure the minute I hit “publish” I’ll remember something else, but don’t you think that list is enough? I do. I’m ready for a quieter year in 2014, but looking at our current to-do list for the upcoming list, I don’t think it’s going to comply. Oh well, you can rest when you’re dead, am I right, folks?


  • Funny, because I was just thinking how boring Provo is and how I won’t have a good full time job for another 3-ish months….

    haha. just kidding! (kind of).

    Best highlight of the year? “-Eleanor stayed Eleanor, thank goodness, because she’s the best.” Because it’s so true!

    I miss you guys and love your guts! 😉

  • Well, Lauren, if you need a place to finish your schoolwork (semi) undistracted I have a (mostly) unscreaming baby with a bedroom to share! Haha.

    No, but really, your visit to India is on our 2014 to-do list, don’t forget!

  • Trip to India is my #1 goal for the year/ my decided graduation present to myself!! I’m so excited!!!

  • LeonaWayment Larsen

    I love reading your BLOG. Your grandpa Rex introduced it to me. You do such a good job of saying what was interesting and not going on forever with all the details. You will treasure this as your children grow up and so will they. I journal now but did not do it when my 2 children were little and I do not remember some things now. Thanks for sharing.


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