And to all a good night.

I fully intended to write during the holidays – to mark our 8th wedding anniversary and our 6 month anniversary in India at least! – but that was before I decided to make the big kids their Christmas pajamas and knit Frances a matching set of sweater, booties, and hat. Not to mention my husband’s yearly sugar cookie order. The pajamas and sweater made it in time, the hat and booties will be ready tomorrow, and the cookies were enjoyed by all, so I say it was a success. And it was kind of nice to be busy and focused and to get the end of the day and realize I hadn’t checked any of my usual websites.

So, our marriage inched ever closer to that incredible decade mark and we marked 6 months away from our United States. I had lots of plans of what I wanted to say about being a quarter through our tour here and what I’ve learned in our six months in India, but it was an…interesting week leading up to Christmas for us in India and I’ll leave it at that. Let’s just say that we all needed this holiday very very much and so far lounging around the house, eating steak (Christmas splurge!) and potatoes and watching old movies on Netflix has been just what the doctor ordered.

Christmas morning we woke up and ate waffles and then made our kids exercise all their possible patience by asking them if we could try to call family before we opened presents. It’s really hard to live in this time zone, it feels like there is never a convenient time when our schedules line up with family back home to be able to call. We managed to reach a couple of people who wanted to chat and it was nice to feel connected to them at this time of year.

Present opening was great, the kids got way too much stuff, and they were and are so happy with their haul. The big kids loved helping Frances open her gifts and it’s been great to watch the three of them sit and play together. It’s crazy how big they’re getting, how Frances is starting to really play with them, and to see the change in the dynamic of their relationship that’s happened as a result.

There’s so much to be grateful for, so much more sweet than there is bitter in our lives. It was a very Merry Christmas and we’re looking forward to a fantastic continuation of our vacation as well as an interesting new year.


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