Holy Cow.

So I’m minding my own business, sleeping, when Justin’s alarm goes off at 7 yesterday morning. This is why I seriously considered buying him a Lark for Christmas, but anyway, Justin’s alarm goes off and instead of moving to snooze like he usually does (for a half hour or so, of 5 minute alarm intervals. Laaaaaaaark!) he decided to check his email on his blackberry. Suddenly my barely awake brain is trying to process his shouts of “Assignment notification email! ASSIGNMENT NOTIFICATION EMAIL!” I looked over his shoulder as he opened the email and at same time we read the words:

New Delhi, India.

Whoa. Let me tell you, that’s a lot to process when you first wake up. I teared up and said “I’m going to get bit by a cobra!” and then immediately started laughing hysterically. Wow, way to wake up on your best foot, Sarah. But don’t worry, I woke up a little, re-researched ALOT and now I’m so excited with India it’s ridiculous. The Bollywood centers in my brain have been fully activated and I’m dancing and singing around the house.

The problem is we really wanted Italy this time around and we felt like we had a decent shot at it, but then you open that email and bam, your dreams have turned into…India. That’s the foreign service for you. But we’re not really the type to sit around crying over spilt milk. By around 1 in the afternoon I was all “Italy? Been there, done that. When do I get to white-water raft down the Ganges? And see the Himalayas? And we’ll hire a cook and a housekeeper? And everyone says we’ll save money to boot?!”

You see, right after our Italian posts on the list Justin had put Auckland, New Zealand, and honestly, it sounded nice enough, but with all his convincing I thought it sounded…boring. And then right after Auckland came India. India is not boring. In fact it’s hard for me to comprehend the 180 degree difference there’s going to be in our lives after being in comfortable, ol’ Nogales. 38 hour plane ride to see family instead of 8-12 hour drive, check. No beef as opposed to daily carne asada, check. 8 American/30 Mexican staff consulate vs. 200 American, 700 Indian staff EMBASSY, check. Wal-mart? Child please! My poor comfort zone is trembling right now, both with fear and excitement.

So, yeah, no Italy this time around and maybe Italy someday and maybe Italy never. Who knows? We’ve got a crazy long career ahead of us with twists and turns that will make going to India look like a straight path I’m sure. All I can say is that I’m happy and excited and the future is looking…fun.


  • Ooh, India! How exotic. Congrats!!

  • Very exciting!!!! If that doesn’t wake you up in the morning, then I don’t know what will! Cheers!

  • 38 hour plane ride? oof. I was looking at a globe last night and you guys will seriously be on the opposite side of the world.

    Holy cow is (literally) right.

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog, Sarah! Congrats on getting New Delhi!From what we hear, it’s a terrific post. We haven’t been there yet but are going in three weeks and are beyond excited. A little nervous too. But mostly excited. We’ve been in Hindi at FSI for what seems like forever and are so ready to be done and go. Is your post language designated? What type of position? Congrats once again and nice to “meet” you!

  • We’re headed to New Delhi in August. On one hand its a little weird to be headed to a place where we’ve both lived before (me briefly after college and my husband for five years while he was growing up-he graduated high school from AES!) On the other hand, we do love India. It’s a love-hate kind of place but if you fall for it, you fall hard. When do you arrive?

  • Congratulations on your post! I’m linking to you.

  • Thanks everyone! I’m still freaking.

    Justin with be an AGSO (management work) and the position is not language designated, thank goodness. Spanish was hard enough…We’ll arrive in Delhi in June 2013, which gives me plenty of time to read all that Daniela and Dani have to say about it for the next year!

  • Congrats! I’ve heard mostly good things about Delhi. I have two friends moving there this summer. Although we can find steak in Indonesia, I still miss the Carne Asada! You’ll have a blast in India!

  • How exciting… and way to look on the brightside of things! Looking foreward to reading more about it!
    Good luck!


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